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Conference & event speaking is something I love to do, as learning at these events earlier in my career helped me grow considerably. Now, I can give back a bit by speaking at these events and sharing what I’ve learned, like I do on my blog. Primarily, the type of conference & event speaking topics I cover revolve around the following subjects:

  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting / Running an Organization
  • Growth Strategies & Lead Generation
  • Leadership
  • Design & Branding
  • Digital Project Management
  • Digital Strategy
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Oh, and if you’re wondering who the hell I am, you can read a bit more about me on my totally self-involved About page.

Conference & Event Speaking Engagements

Featured Talks

Here are a few videos of past conference & event talks I’ve given – the majority of my engagements have not been recorded, but past events, topics, and their decks are all available a bit further down.

Inside the Black Box of Web Design Pricing

Web design costs come in a huge range of shapes & sizes. Thanks to that range, clients can struggle with understanding why websites cost what they do, and freelancers/shops can struggle with how to price their services. This talk, given in 2014, covers how to understand and solve that problem: the thought processes, variables, logic, and math that goes into pricing custom web design & development from the perspective of someone who’s grown from a two-person home-based business to (at the time) a 6-person shop.

The Brand Lighthouse

Everything you do on social media should come back to one key point: your brand. It is the fundamental map for your actions and growth. The term “brand” is oft-misunderstood; in this talk, given in 2014, I cover what a brand actually means, methods to build a brand online, and how to manage it.

Branding vs. Logo Design (Panel)

This is an oldie, from 2012. Capital Ideas was an initiative in Edmonton designed to operate like a startup, offering content events for entrepreneurs in Edmonton. In this panel, we discussed the difference between holistic branding and straight-up logo design.

Past Conference & Event Talks

Below are a few past conference & event speaking engagements I’ve been a part of. Where available, each link will take you offsite to the individual slide deck on my SpeakerDeck page.

Interested in having me speak at your conference or event? Drop me a line at