I love design.

I love being able to work with smart people to diagnose and solve problems with a dose of creativity. I love the interplay between all the core principles of design. I love constantly needing to learn new things, and put them in to practice. But let’s be honest: design isn’t perfect. Like any industry, along with design come common frustrations – often, frustrations big enough to drive many of us out of our industry.

Think of all the issues that exasperate us as designers – the things we get together and vent about over a pint. How many of us have had clients start playing art director? Delivered something that wasn’t good enough, a product we didn’t want our name on? Built something that has sat there unused? Or had a relationship go sour because of how a project turned out?

We’ve been there at Paper Leaf. It’s awful. It makes us unhappy and personal satisfaction tanks, it makes talented people leave the field, and it rightfully makes others skeptical of our industry.

But what if we could put into practice a belief – something more than just a set of tasks – that would cut these issues off at the root? What if we could prevent clients from playing art director; deliver products we’re proud of and that people love to use; maintain great relationships and grow business; and most importantly, be and make people happy?

In our experience – as an agency that designs and builds custom websites and applications – we can avoid these problems, and in turn be happier while making others happier. But how?

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