Understanding & Benefiting From Content:Audience Fit

There are two pieces to the content pie. The first is the content itself – websites, blog posts, articles, ad campaigns, brand messaging, etc. The second is the audience interacting with that content. Those two pieces? They need to fit like they were forever meant to be together.

You know. Kinda like me & Scarlett Johansson.

I’m talking about a concept called content:audience fit. If the content you’re creating isn’t resonating or getting traction, you can boil the problem down to one of two things: either your content isn’t good enough – not unique enough, not well-written or designed, not providing enough value, etc. – or your audience for that content isn’t right.

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Authentic Content Still Works – Here’s the Proof

All I wanted was a place to write. A place to write on topics I care about; ones that don’t fully fit under the Paper Leaf umbrella. Mainly, I wanted to talk about business & strategy, as Paper Leaf’s content is more focused on design. That was the point of launching this site.

The stats, and benefits, from just having a place to write for one month? Surprising. Let me explain, and share with you the actual numbers behind my personal site’s first 30 days.

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